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Kana cards
to print and practice!

Kanacards in action... You can easily learn and repeat the Japanese syllable script named Katagana and Hiragana with these small Kana cards. Simply print out on strong paper, cut out and that's it!
Hiragana foreside Sheet A (PDF, 170KB)
Hiragana backside Sheet A (PDF, 80KB)

Hiragana foreside Sheet B (PDF, 170KB)
Hiragana backside Sheet B (PDF, 90KB)

Hiragana foreside Sheet C (PDF, 125KB)
Hiragana backside Sheet C (PDF, 85KB)

Hiragana complete (PDF, 600KB)
Katakana foreside Sheet A (PDF, 170KB)
Katakana backside Sheet A (PDF, 55KB)

Katakana foreside Sheet B (PDF, 175KB)
Katakana backside Sheet B (PDF, 65KB)

Katakana foreside Sheet C (PDF, 130KB)
Katakana backside Sheet C (PDF, 55KB)

Katakana complete (PDF, 600KB)
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